Swim with sharks? The Golden Nugget Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, makes it possible. The hotel’s massive pool and waterslide cut through the property’s 200,000-gallon shark-infested aquarium. A trip to ‘The Tank’ is free for hotel guests and up to $40/person per day for visitors to the property.

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Swim With Sharks During Shark Week

The Discovery Channel has been terrifying selachophobes for one scintillating week for the past 31 years. Shark Week runs July 28 – August 4, and they’re really pulling out all the stops this year. With 18 specials – including a written-for-Shark-Week-thriller starring Josh Duhamel – there’s more than enough for shark fans of all ages to see .. but what about DO?

How about head to Vegas, stop at the Golden Nugget, swim with sharks, and work in some other marine-themed mystery itinerary moments?

With flights to Las Vegas cheaper now that summer’s in full, swealtering swing, a stop in Sin City is just the thing you need to take your Shark Watching to the next level.

Get Up Close and Personal With Shark Chute Waterslide

Photo credit: Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino

The Golden Nugget’s 30-foot waterslide cuts through the 200,000-gallon aquarium which is home to five species of shark:

  • black-tipped sharks
  • tiger sharks
  • sandbar sharks
  • zebra sharks
  • nurse sharks

The slide is completely see-through so you wind up close-and-personal with real sharks! You’ll also be surrounded by the other hundreds of fish in the aquarium.

Kids might run into some disappointment here. The Golden Nugget water slide heigh requirement is 48 inches. However, use of the slide is included in pool access.

The same can’t be said for the assortment of cabanas, chaise lounges and daybeds poolside – at The Tank or the Hideout swimming area exclusively for adults. Specialty seating can cost hundreds of dollars a day and comes with minimum food and drink orders that can be just as expensive.

Take a Shark Aquarium Tours

There’s a behind-the-scenes tour of The Tank that gives you direct access to marine biologists capable of answering all of your questions on all eight species of shark, how they live, what they eat and how the Golden Nugget keeps The Tank running smoothly.

Current info as of 07/22/2019:

Wednesday and Sunday, 1:30 p.m.

Cost: $50 per person

Looking for a cheaper educational alternative?

Las Vegas shark sites include the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay where you’ll see over 2000 aquatic animals, including rare golden crocodiles, piranha, sea turtles and specimen from 15 species of shark. Prices currently start at $25 for adults.

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Photo credits: Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino