Photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels

I just reread my initial posts on COVID-19 and realize that 1) my grammar was way off, and 2) we knew so little just a few weeks ago. At the end of January, I smugly surmized it didn’t appear to be as contagious as “fearmongers” wanted us to believe. Cringing. I did update the post with new warnings and case numbers, but I didn’t erase that embarrassing line. Why? As a reminder that the world is full of unknowns and none of us should be too sure of anything.

Why do I say that when heading into a post about planning your next roadtrip? Because, dear readers, your favorite haunts might be closed the next time you hit the road. Not to prevent the spread of anything either, but because the impact of shelter orders might have put them out of business. It’s definitely something to keep in mind while you plan your routes and itineraries. We’ve all had enough disappointment already.

So, where will you go next?

The last time we had plans in motion, they were pointed toward St. Louis. I really do want to see the new aquarium there – and the chess museum! – but now? I don’t know. The city seems too crowded. I’ve also got a hunkering for dinosaurs I haven’t seen before. (Must be all of that Animal Crossing.)

One of our passengers really wants to go cave exploring. Two love art. Three others want nothing to do with the outdoors at all. These are the same guys who don’t really want to go on vacation, but also don’t want to be left at home while the rest of us go out and explore. Two of them like theme parks though and all three love video games.

New Mexico sounds like the place! En route to Carlsbad Caverns and Meow Wolf is a parade of the best prehistoric exhibits in the United States. By then, the new MW installments could be up and running though, so at this point, the world is our oyster, people! The important thing is to keep your options open.

Research shows us that planning a vacation can be even more exciting that hitting the open road, so take these days to create a few potential itineraries with your friends and family. Then, roll the dice or draw straws to pick one to take them on. If you can, keep them guessing which one you’ve chosen until you get to your first destination.

Break Up the Monotony of Sheltering With Vacation Plans

Sheltering in place is driving a lot of people stir-crazy. Others are worried because they’re out of work. Planning for the day when you do have enough money again to hit the road can help you keep up the faith while you wait.

We’d love to hear your plans! Comment below with your post-coronavirus roadtrip routes.