Watch out for last-minute coronavirus travel changes on the road.

Expect coronavirus travel restrictions to change frequently as Covid cases continue to rise. Throw in natural disasters and civil unrest, and it’s just not as easy to take a spontaneous trip. That doesn’t mean you’re location locked … or even grounded. Learn how to explore your world while avoiding the worst problems.

Which States Have Coronavirus Travel Restrictions?

The rest of the world is shaking its head as the numbers of Americans killed by Covid-19 heads toward half a million. The biggest danger of being on the road is picking up the virus and spreading it to other people. That’s especially easy considering most states’ lax attitude toward coronavirus travel bans, mask mandates and other public health policies. 

The second biggest threat? Quarantine enforcement. If you travel into certain areas, you’ll be forced into two weeks of isolation – at your own expense. While that would be a big surprise, it’s not the type we recommend when planning mystery road trips. While the information listed here was accurate the day it was posted, you should do your due diligence. Please check out any coronavirus travel policies for areas before you leave or visit. 

The following states have Covid travel restrictions in place:








New Hampshire

New Jersey 

New Mexico

New York



Rhode Island


Washington D.C.

The city of Chicago, Illinois, and several Native American reservations have their own coronavirus travel restrictions. (Updates available here.)

Which Countries Can Americans Visit in 2020?

Vacation shaming has fallen by the wayside as people rich enough to get out of the country have figured out it’s best to do so discreetly. There are several ways to fly the friendly skies out of the USA. Many Americans have flooded to Mexico, and destinations, like Croatia, from which travelers can subvert coronavirus travel restrictions and explore the rest of the continent. 

Tired of Staying Home? Here Are the Coronavirus Travel Restrictions and Opportunities to Know About
Article Name
Tired of Staying Home? Here Are the Coronavirus Travel Restrictions and Opportunities to Know About
Where are coronavirus travel restrinctions in place, and how can you get around them? Find out how to travel again while staying safe.