Killer flight deals might be tempting, but road trips are still the safest form of travel right now. They’re also the most secure. Those deals might have to be rebooked or refunded as time goes on. In fact, they’re banking on it. Plan for a mystery road trip instead and enjoy an adventure without all the risks. You can minimize them even further by investing in road trip insurance. 

Even as safe as road trips can be, not all of them go as expected. Sometimes, an accident happens or a close companion suddenly falls ill or gets injured on the road. Maybe your car gets broken into or tornado weather rolls in and keeps you trapped in your hotel? The good news is that you can prepare yourself for these kinds of problems even before you leave home. How? By choosing the best travel insurance for a road trip. 

The Best Travel Insurance For Road Trips 2021

Remember that every state has its own coverage limits and availability. Also, each trip cancellation or interruption coverage differs slightly by provider. It’s vital that you consult with each travel insurance representative for further information before you buy.

Allianz Global Insurance

Allianz was the first to insure the Golden Gate Bridge and other historic events, including the Wright Brothers’ first flight off the ground. With a business presence in over 150 countries, this is an insurance company to reckon with.

Allianz offers its travelers unique travel insurance packages, including road trip insurance for travelers to set up camp anywhere. Even if it’s in the middle of nowhere! They have two major types of coverage for their travelers: ‘ OneTrip Prime Plan,’ which is the most popular of their single trip plan. They also have multi-trip plans. Both plans offer a unique level of coverage.

According to a recent announcement by Allianz Global, events like hospitalization, trip cancellation, and trip delay will henceforth have limited coverage because of Covid-19. They have also expanded their emergency transportation coverage to include conditions for Covid-19 sufferers.

Travel Guard

This company offers an extensive selection of travel insurance plans distributed by more than 12,000 travel companies. They’re a trusted industry leader for US clientele, with plans that start as low as $30. They offer per-trip & annual plans, trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, medical expenses, baggage loss and other coverage, and they have a 24-hour World Service Center accessible by 800-number.

Generali Global Assistance

Operating from San Diego, CA, Generali Global Assistance has provided travel insurance plans since 1963. Their policy plan includes unique travel insurance plans, including road trip insurance policies. They have the most comprehensive coverages with high payouts and many other extra features you won’t find anywhere else. 

Also, they have provisions for trip and baggage delays, and the company is known for its traveler assistance services. They also make provisions for features like specialty food delivery and an emergency cash advancement of $500. The company covers up to $1 million for emergency medical transportation and $250,000 for medical care.

Generali has three travel insurance plans which are aimed at balancing property coverage with medical concerns. There is an option for travelers to choose from a base-level standard plan to the top-of-the-line premium plan. They have 24/7 hours emergency helplines, identity theft resolution services, and concierge services. Their hotline is available to travelers anywhere in the world.

The good thing about this insurance company is that they handled claims online. Travelers can quickly start a claim through their online portal. This way, they expect travelers to upload scanned documents that support their claim.

Trawick International Travel Insurance Review

If you’re looking for an insurance company that offers trip interruption, trip cancellation, group travel, including road trip insurance without stress, try Trawick International. Headquartered in Fairhope, AL, and founded in 1998, Trawick International has been a leading insurance coverage provider for over 20 years.

Their lines of insurance plans cover any emergency scenarios. Whether for a family on a travel insurance road trip policy or a school group planning a vacation abroad, Trawick International has the most appropriate plan for every budget.

With policy coverage of up to $1 million and deductibles from $1-$5000—Trawick international offers travelers a 24/7 traveler support phone emergency line. So in case of trip interruption or emergency, travelers can call on the line to receive help.

RoamRight Travel Insurance Review

This is one insurance company that affirms its commitment to offering excellent traveler support. RoamRight is a top-rated insurance company offering the most comprehensive selections of different trip travel insurance plans for individual, business, educational, or adventure reasons. Their plans include baggage protection, medical protection, and trip protection, and free coverage for one child under 18 years on a trip with his parents.

If you’re the type that loves to have multiple options with high coverage limits on your travel plan, RoamRight has a plan waiting for you. They have a more robust Elite plan, including a stand-alone medical insurance plan.

And If you need to upgrade your coverage plan, RoamRight makes it easy with “cancel for any reason” benefits. The company also provides 24/7 phone help for all their travelers. However, the company charges a $50 deductible before their emergency and sickness coverage takes effect.

World Nomads Travel Insurance Review

If you’re a long-distance traveler and you’re looking for the most innovative travel insurance for road trips, WorldNomads offers flexible policies designed for independent travelers. Their policies cover your adventurous activities, including your sporting or hiking gears. They are an excellent insurance company for sports enthusiasts and travelers with an inclination to visit less-visited remote areas of the world. They have a standard and Explorer plan that covers the individual from over 150 countries.

Their plan includes trip cancellation and interruption, evacuation and repatriation, car damage protection, and property protection. However, coverage depends on the traveler’s country of residence. They also offer multilingual help to travelers anywhere in the world.

World Nomads do not cover pre-existing conditions or individuals over 70 years or a large group of people. This is the reason their policy is not for everybody. So, if you have somebody of the age of 70, who is going on a road trip with you, this might not be the right travel insurance for you. However, young adventure-minded travelers will have a swell of a time with World Nomads road trip insurance policy.

Travelex Travel Insurance Review

With over 55 years of insurance experience, Travelex Travel insurance based in Nebraska is one of the respected names for road trip insurance. They have highly customizable plans, including trip cancellation, medicals and cover children below 17yrs at no additional cost. Travelers looking for excellent customer support will find Travelex an option worth considering.

Travelex has four unique plans for travelers. These plans include The Travel Basics, Travel Select, Flight Insure and Flight Insure Plus plans. The Basic plan has within its plan “cancel for business reasons” benefits. The Travel Select plan protects with a “cancel for any reason” benefit, including car rental collision coverage, sports and medical coverage, and dismemberment coverage.

What to look out for when choosing the best travel insurance for your road trip:

There are so many providers that choosing the best travel insurance for your road trip can be a headache. It’s easy to forget what’s most important to you. Here’s an example of what we mean:

Deductibles: There are many options with different deductible plans, meaning you have to pay a certain amount as soon as a claim occurs in order to take advantage of your insurance coverage. The higher the deductible, the cheaper the cost of the policy. So, for example, if you have a deductible of $300 and you break your leg during your road trip, you will pay for the doctor’s visit. Your international health insurance will only cover the additional cost after you have exceeded $300.

Some travel insurance companies offer policies without deductibles, so you don’t have to worry about having the cash to cover accidents before you get help. When choosing your international health travel insurance for your road trip, pay attention to whether or not a deductible is part of the contract. And if so, you need to know how much it will be in the event of a claim.

Duration and number of trips – Duration of the trip and the number of trips are also vital when choosing the best travel insurance. Some road trip insurance providers only cover eight weeks of travel within a year. In comparison, some providers only have policies for individual trips with a limit on how long they can last. That’s especially important for a family driving across the country over several months.

If you plan to be out in your car for an extended time, it’s best to look around for long-term international health insurance that best suits your wishes.

Travel accident insurance

While your health insurance usually only pays the treatment costs and medication and sickness benefits, in simple terms, your accident insurance covers all other costs that arise because of an accident and a disability associated with it. If, for example, you fall while hiking and injure yourself so severely that you then have to sit in a wheelchair, your accident insurance will also cover the costs of converting your apartment to make it wheelchair accessible.

Travel cancellation insurance

As the name implies, your travel cancellation insurance comes into effect if you can’t start (or finish) your trip. Of course, certain conditions also apply here: If you become seriously ill or injured and can’t reasonably go on your trip, your travel cancellation insurance will cover certain costs. It will also cover certain other problems, like if a family member passes away shortly before your trip.

Travel luggage insurance

It happens faster than you might think: Your things are stolen from your car or even from your backpack. Sometimes, your travel luggage insurance will step in and cover the damage entirely or up to a certain maximum, depending on the provider and policy. Luggage insurance covers all your valuables and clothes along with things like sports equipment such as your surfboard or bike, baby supplies, and other items depending on your policy.

Travel liability insurance

Liability insurance covers the costs of personal injury, property damage, and financial damage caused by you. This is in addition to your car’s liability insurance. If, for example, you accidentally break your neighbor’s camping chair on your road trip, or drop a heavy Dutch cooker on another camper’s foot. There are limitations to these policies, however, especially where pets are considered, so read the fine print!

What About Road Side Assistance?

Roadside assistance is different from travel insurance, though policies may seem to cover the same things. Travel insurance covers the cost of your trip and any medical or transportation assistance you may need to get home if the worst happens. Roadside assistance will help you get back on the road if you suffer a minor emergency situation. What plans cover and how affordable they are vary widely. Some travelers get roadside assistance in addition to travel insurance, and some drivers invest in more than one roadside assistance plan.

You may also get free roadside assistance coverage as part of your car insurance or credit card membership, but beware. More than one driver has discovered those plans are virtually useless once they try to take advantage of them. We’ll cover assistance in a different post, but will say for now, it’s a good idea to have a policy for mishaps like flat tires, locking your keys in your car, and running out of gas.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance is best for roadtrippers, as it offers an unlimited number of towing miles, even for those with an RV or trailer.

Road trips are your safest option right now, but that doesn’t mean you’re protected from anything going wrong. With the right travel insurance for road trips, you can minimize such dangers, and also go ahead with your trip with less worry and risk. 

Best Travel Insurance For Road Trips
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