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Where Will You Go Next?

I just reread my initial posts on COVID-19 and realize that 1) my grammar was way off, and 2) we knew so little just a few weeks ago. At the end of January, I smugly surmized it didn’t appear to be as contagious as “fearmongers” wanted us to believe. Cringing. I did update the post …

cat travel
Pet Travel Planning

Learn How to Travel With Cats in the Car

Cat travel 101 – Learn how to travel with cats without making a mess using this super simple, affordable product.  Cat travel comes with challenges. One of the biggest is learning how to travel with cats in the car without litter taking over. Disposable cat litter pans make all the difference, and right now, they’re …

avoiding illness on vacation

(UPDATE) 5 Facts on Coronavirus in the US: Avoiding Illness on Vacation

[UPDATE: Scientists are encouraging people to stay away from large crowds to avoid the spread of coronavirus. See more on social distancing here.] Recent concerns regarding the new coronavirus (dubbed the 2019-nCoV strain originating in China) have people worried about traveling during Spring Break. While there haven’t been any deaths from coronavirus in the US, …

how to travel for free with kids on plane
Family Travel Friend Travel Planning

How to Travel ‘for Free’ With Kids and Others

Read this guide to discover how to travel for free even when traveling with kids or other friends and family. Solo travel provides more opportunities for free or cheap vacations. Unfortunately, Couchsurfing and WWOOFING really don’t cut it on a family vacation — or a bachelorette weekend. There are so many sites promoting ideas of …

Best Car Top Storage
Fun on the Road

Best Car Top Storage for Road Trips

Secure car top storage for road trips needs to be durable, secure and waterproof. We have completely overhauled the information on this page to give you the best options available for every budget. It’s important to note that certain solutions rely on the features your car already has as well. Some rooftop carriers, for instance, …

family road trips
Family Travel Travel Itineraries

How to Plan Group Family Road Trips for the Holidays

Thanksgiving or Christmas family road trips put a new spin on old traditions Too often, I see families dreading the drive back to mom or dad’s for the holidays instead of looking forward to big family road trips. It’s not surprising, and it’s not usually the host family’s fault. There’s only so much excitement you …

Save on tickets in Orlando
Vacation Destinations

#1 Way to Save on Tickets in Orlando (without getting scammed)

Learn how to save on tickets in Orlando without wasting half your trip on timeshare presentations Florida offers so much to tourists outside of Disney and Universal and there are plenty of ways to save on tickets in Orlando. Not just to Disney, but to all the other attractions, restaurants, concerts, festivals and more. Some …

golden nugget water slide and pool shark aquarium
Vacation Destinations

Swim With Sharks in Sunny Las Vegas

Swim with sharks? The Golden Nugget Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, makes it possible. The hotel’s massive pool and waterslide cut through the property’s 200,000-gallon shark-infested aquarium. A trip to ‘The Tank’ is free for hotel guests and up to $40/person per day for visitors to the property. Score one of the stellar …